Silica gel set custom matters needing attention

by:Keyuan     2020-09-16
Silicone material case is at present the majority use of a kind of electronic protective shell, in mobile phone and tablet type of electronic products are common, if you in use, it must attract you because it has reasons, such as resistance to fall off, environmental protection, feel, and so on factors, but with the increase of electronic products surrounding additional product also gradually with the market, it is because the use of too much cause it also gradually began to have inferior products, it also has the bad defects, your custom phone silicone sets have met these phenomenon? Size rebound fell: along with the upgrading of mobile phones more and more mobile phone silica gel sets manufacturers also have a lot of competition, so lead to the production cost is different, different materials, different allocation formula, so different silicone products manufacturer fixed-line molding products can have differences, some material is better, the springback is higher then there is no change of principle, and some of the domestic rubber brand not mature enough, make product in stretch and rebound slightly less, also led to the product size error and not rebound effect. But as a consumer, if you have already bought this product so couldn't avoid this problem, but as buyers can be specified for cell phone sets manufacturers use rubber, require phone cases specified standards, and silicone material brand is numerous, the price of each and the formula is different, need to be in after proofing and detection to get effect and indicators. Appearance quality defects: mainly depends on the surface of the product black spots impurities and parting line thicknesses, black spots impurities on the surface of the main reason is derived from the raw material workshop, there is no control in the process of mixing impurities dirt, no strict production process control workshop production environment, parting line thickness and quality problem the main reason is that the degree of precision mould and upper and lower mold fitting effect. Color problem: to know the silicone mobile phone sets will not rub off the problems, only partially lubricious date production after the completion of the follow-up use too long may appear faded yellowing phenomenon, such as white and transparent color through the environment and the use of temperature will be faded yellowing phenomenon. Feel worse: silica gel sets usually choose spraying hot oil appearance, so just don't have to consider when buying feel effect, appearance of the product are comparing China resources and will not be sticky dust phenomenon, but as the product of use fixed number of year, time is too long may appear off oil, surface spraying effect friction loss caused by the object and feel rough, sticky dust phenomenon. Defects are common in addition to the above parts, silicone mobile phone sets in use process there are many inevitable defects affect use function, such as breakage, become loose after use for a long time, have spirit, take the phenomenon such as oil, and these problems can be solved through silica gel factory internal process control.
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