Silica gel products will appear in the process of forming problem

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Silicone products involved in the areas of life more and more widely, especially silicone creative products are very popular. Creative where silicone creative products? This is our silicone products manufacturer attaches great importance to a problem, it is also the silica gel products lovers watches. We have introduced a few days in front of the silicone kitchenware, silicone accessories, silicone gifts, silica gel the characteristics of the daily necessities of life, now I give you is the silicone products in the production process can meet some kind of quality problems. These problems will flow to the hands of consumers, leading to affect the use of the product performance, or because the quality of the products, directly to consumers what damage and so on. As everybody knows, silica gel products are soft and feel is very good, the product feel comfortable to the touch. Actually they are just part of the silica gel products advantages, silicone products in the process of production is through the steel mould hot forming, when the mold from the molding machine sets out, the whole mold temperature of 200 degrees, more products and mould temperature are unarmed cannot directly contact to us, but to put on thick gloves. Extract product when use air gun to alleviate product temperature, force, make the product pull and pull, but in the process of pull, not damage the product. At this time of the product is with a lot of burrs, the silica gel products also need to process after processing, some products at that time, since it is ok to split to form a semi-finished products, but are generally need to process inspection will flow back to the packaging packaging. In the process, product quality can be effectively controlled, the waste and bad will rarely. Main adverse or raw material are not ripe, the deformity of products, product more material, product, less material, etc. , but these are because of the bad in production machines, some very slight problem we can through artificial recuperation, serious directly as a waste treatment, pain after artificial rest products will not affect the use of the product performance and effect, so that we will be strict control. For silicone products molding this procedure, the greater the size of the specifications of the products, the bad with the greater the loss, this is because the product raw material costs determined by factor.
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