Silica gel products - What quality is the question!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
An unqualified silicone products can cause a lot of industrial production equipment appear a lot of problems, such as a seal on the equipment we not high temperature resistant, oil resistant, and so on, is likely to lead to the machine malfunction, silica gel products due to the better performance in all aspects, so in the aspect of industrial application is very extensive, but if you use the disadvantage of material production, or manufacturers to save costs, use bad material, resulting in a large number of bad silica gel inside the products into the industrial manufacturing, can cause very bad impact and economic losses, the importance of such a theory of qualified silicone products! 1. Size is very important, so a lot of silicone products manufacturer in no precise size, into the mind of the few, and lead to bad product 2. Look bad reasons, we have a lot of problems in the machining process, such as wind, discoloration, blister, blister and deformation, burrs, etc. Some man-made factors. 3. Collagen material, smelting in rubber mixing, color glue is not accurate, uniform and dosage of vulcanizing agent must be used, if there is a foreign body, raw materials of various standard eligibility, and so on. Good quality silicone products is more than just engineering design, but also qualified production process, so as to enhance the company brand!
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