Silica gel products under what circumstances need to spray hot oil

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Impact on line inside people all know that the first appearance of the product belongs to the surface quality of the mould, in the mold good enough but below the surface of silica gel will be delicate and beautiful appearance of the product, such as precision grinding machine, polishing detail, electroplating time and so on, so different silica gel products to select different processing working procedure, and in addition to mold the silicone molding products also need surface treatment, such as baking, silk screen, fuel injection, etc. , why silicone material need silicone oil injection process. At this point, many customers may not understand, also need the quality problem of the appearance, need a short delivery time also need low price, and the injection process is to improve the appearance of the product quality and feel degrees, keep good touch feeling, let you receive the goods for consumers to receive better use feedback, so each industry have different processing process. For injection main function is to promote the feel and look and feel of the product, keep products more smooth, more stereo feeling, need for a lot of appearance quality of products, and its process and cars, houses and other painting process is similar, just a few more steps! Injection process can be in different product different ink spray, such as matte, PU, color oil etc. And more is extinction. It is primarily in the product does not affect product spray a layer of fog on the surface of the color of ink, is used to enhance the product's handle, exquisite mixed hot oil can keep more frosted effect of product appearance, the touch and no oil products are two kind of difference, secondly PU ink is also commonly used a silicone products manufacturer, mainly used in buttons and some act the role ofing is tasted daily necessities, etc. , with strong adhesion, good abrasion resistance, transparency is high also, also enhance product handle, color oil is in jet can see the color of the product appearance, can spray on the product of any one color color oil, this technique useful design more products, products such as silicone buttons.
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