Silica gel products - The silicone insulation pad is introduced

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Present us a lot in the family kitchen in clay pot soup, cooking dishes are placed in the above table, and sometimes our table wear and tear, so now some creative masters have created all kinds of insulation pad, silicone products manufacturer understand commonly found in many of our restaurant, because just Fried food temperature is very high, so it will be very hot, so for some type of table also has a little damage. Although also sell on the market have all kinds of insulation pad, but because of the length of time and frequency, cleaning, suitable vessel aging defects such as limited and cannot use for a long time. And using silica insulation sleeve, now has a lot of benefits, now most families are using silica gel inside insulation cover, it has many characteristics of main function, made of one hundred percent of the silicone insulation by good insulation and high temperature range in - to endure 40 degrees to + 230 degrees. Won't fade, environmental health and safety are easy to clean, silicone thermal pad and anti-skid function! Its main performance are non-toxic, no smell, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, fire resistant, resistant to compression deformation, good insulation effect, ageing resistance long service life. So will be so popular in the market and family and use, its use range is very wide also, normally we are all used in the table above it, but in many restaurants in the hotel can also see.
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