Silica gel products storage considerations

by:Keyuan     2020-09-07
Silica gel products is a kind of based on the modern life supplies demand and the development of a product, its main material is silicone raw materials so far, according to the silicone products can be divided into the molded silicone, silicone extrusion processing forming method and liquid silica gel; Because of its unique elasticity and toughness, good sealing, got industries widely used. So many silicone products manufacturers and customers will purchase a large amount of silica gel products or raw materials, can be a lot of customers and other silica gel manufacturer but little experience in storage, and therefore, many industries in silica gel storage link loss is serious. Silica gel products stored note 1, anti-fouling keep clean silicone raw materials, because the raw material as soon as possible after the stain will result in the silicone products scrap, it is also directly affect the appearance of one of the main causes of silicone products. 2, waterproof silicone raw materials once into the water, easy to cause the silicone products have bubbles phenomenon in the process of forming, so the silicone products manufacturer in terms of raw material storage, not only should ensure warehouse waterproof, and need to regularly check the silicone raw material degree of wet and dry room; 3, mouldproof long-term storage of silica gel products or silicone materials would occur because of the warehouse under the environment of the humid mildew, once the silicone occurred mildew will lead to the product deformation or inelastic; For dry and ventilated warehouse and silica gel products manufacturers need to focus on matters; 4, sunscreen when we are usually in transportation silicone raw materials or products, must need to pay attention to the brace for the possibility of high temperature exposure, the corresponding case completes the corresponding prevent bask in, prevent the silicone product for a long time under the condition of high temperature exposure accelerated aging; To sum up, the silicone products manufacturers need to silica gel products or ingredients do waterproof, mouldproof, anti-fouling, prevent bask in four big matters, if we did that, what remains is daily regular to control spot check of silicone products and raw materials.
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