Silica gel products since the edge is like a person's throat

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
The difference between the silicone products and rubber products Article/guijiaozhipinhexiang_1. HTML as the saying goes, to do a good job, must first sharpen his, this sentence is not false, do the silicone products, too, need a good mold, mold quality directly influences the quality of the product itself, but the down side is a product of one of the most important key points. Since the down side is compared to a person's throat, has been found to be important, since then the demolition side why there will be such an important role, with this problem, the silica gel products manufacturers slowly for you to solve all kinds of silicone kitchenware, silicone gifts, miscellaneous pieces of silicone bib pocket, silica gel daily silica gel products such as one of the secret. Since the open side of the silica gel products is refers to the product for removing the edge material specially in mold a trace, while this trace is to be a fine processing, the degree of different a silica gel products processing is also different, very precise. Usually, silica gel products from high temperature molding mold inside out, will be connected to some edge material, the edge material products mainly according to mold under high temperature and high pressure required for raw materials of a tipping point, the point can't more than too much raw material, also cannot too little, will cause the whole products are less in the phenomenon, and exceed the critical point can make the entire product edge material too much, directly from the edge of mould extruding, causing the waste of raw materials. Raw materials from the open edge to the importance of this process, is like, to the back of the throat with extraordinary action, if a person's throat is broken, it will not be able to survive, and silica gel products since the edge is broken apart, whether silicone kitchenware, silicone accessories, will be an unqualified products. Such a little from the side, will make a product vanishes. So the crux of the problem, the product comes from the mould pressure inside, of course, with product of mold has a very important role, sometimes also will be the other reason is caused, but since the open mold itself is the most critical. If the mold since the open boundary is not well, moulded out of silica gel products won't have good since the split edges. In most cases, when we are doing some new products or some very creative silica gel daily products, often ignore how to do well in this from the side, because when doing the demolition side electrode, will be in accordance with the conventional thinking and implementation, but in some time, the product of the mould structure will allow us to make different thinking, creative class silicone products, in particular, this kind of silicone products, after all, is a kind of new products, many of the old engineer consider less perfect.
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