Silica gel products should be how to ensure the quality of the baby

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
As everybody knows, silica gel because of material itself, are more likely to stick to dust. So in the design, in addition to beautiful, even considering his dust. For example: the prosperous silicone bottle is considered the dust on the bottle, the bottle made as part of the ground; Ensure the product already so beautiful, and to take care of the dust of the product; Kill two birds with one stone of it. How to identify the baby silica gel to identify the quality of the products can pass the several aspects: 1, the silica gel is a kind of human body skin feel like the feeling of the material, a good silicone bottle is feel better in the first place. When fed the baby, the baby often take hand holding a bottle and milk; Good tactility is both good for baby's emotional stability, baby has help to the development of emotional intelligence, this also can't compare to the other material bottles. 2, convenience, silicone baby bottles and other bottles, in addition to performance better; With a convenient and practical. Namely: tear open outfit is convenient, want to have generality, and can be used and other pacifier, bottle, now some silica gel bottles will tear open outfit, break up is not very practical: in the middle of the silica gel and plastic lid between installation card slot, set the card lines and so on. Bottle is a daily use products, so the most important point to practical and convenient. How to identify the silicone products 1, if really silicone rubber surface without special handling hand feels feel more smooth, because there is a layer of surface layer is grease material 2, false silicone rubber belt is easy to deformation, and silicone rubber will feel the springback is really good, pull permanent deformation is small. You put the silicone cut off a little bit of burn, if not the flame only white smoke and Mars and burn down the white powder is silica gel. Smell can also be silicone, but they have issues with sulfide agent. 3, silicone rubber surface easy to stick dust, hair lighter impurities. 4, good silicone without peculiar smell, encounter heat to soften not change color. 5, you put the silicone cut off a little bit of burn, the false edge of silicone wristbands after fire was black, fake silicone flame burning, smoke, black and stink. But really the silicone, no matter what color of the silicone burning edge is white and burning residue as powder. And silicone wristbands are really carbon combustion, the flame. White smoke, tasteless. See a flexible silicone products, high quality silicone products with good elasticity. The silicone material itself wear-resisting performance is good, therefore, surface of silica gel products has the ability to resist wear and tear. In general, the high quality silica gel products not because of external factors and wipe away the surface text, color, etc. On the contrary, bad words, characters, the logo on the surface of the silica gel products are more likely to fall. High quality silica gel products of colour and lustre is gorgeous, the surface is not sticky, no smell, soft, feel is good. Silica gel products high tear strength, long service life, is not susceptible to the interference of the external environment. In general, the high quality silica gel products in the process of tearing is not prone to rupture, and inferior silica gel products are prone to rupture, will quickly expanded from gap in cracking in force. Silica gel products by alternating stress ( Or strain) Effect, the structure and function of information change scene is tired. Follow the fatigue process, cause a silica gel products damaged scene called fatigue damage. So fatigue resistance is also one way to distinguish between silicone product quality.
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