Silica gel products sample mold development is good or bad?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
In custom silicone products can save more when the processing cost must take it for granted, but for many customers in the way of silica gel products factory inquiry and confirm the later don't want to proofing, directly within the shipment time of how many days it is good to all the goods for them, for the first time the following indexes of silica gel products friend I want to understand, but still want to remind about friend samples confirmed silicone industry to provide you with high quality products so, sometimes too serously cost savings will be of no help, some products are mold, however, they also said the mould is not have why still use to open the sample mold? The silica gel products on small make up for all of you! Sample mold is after customers samples or drawings confirmed that the development of product structure mould structure after first to develop a small mold to provide samples, and confirm the product can reach the ideal requirements after more holes for the customer development several big mold. Because of the mould for silicone products manufacturer for many basic mold is a basic need to modify the adjustment after a development to production, so in the early stage of the development of large mode may cause the mould inside the small size is larger, and the first to develop a sample mould cost savings can be avoided in the early of mould is good for more economic loss, if early on to big modulus can also but technically still to have rich experience in development. Secondly for sample mold development of the relatively small size of products can use copper, general products are made of steel sample mold and production mold main difference is that the production point number is different, the sample mould just confirmed that the quality of the products and dimensional requirements, is the production output and production mold requirement and to subsequent repair mould change mould well adjusted. So you need to make friends of the products is not confirmed in the size of the product before you choose to develop mould confirmed later on to produce sample. For the production of a variety of process problems silicone products manufacturer can recommend you know ( What are the common process of silica gel products? ) Website: https://dbsilicone. 1688. Com/silica gel products factory in xiamen, )
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