Silica gel products quality how to detect unqualified, what method can detect

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Silicone products before buying, you must know whether silicone product quality qualified, you can use the nose to smell the smell of the product, stretching back and forth several times to see if I can rebound, in addition, as a manufacturer, to stand in the Angle of the silicone products manufacturer, to share the big six professional details! The first is the viscosity of silicone products. Terms of science and technology: the volume of a liquid, or quasi solid material properties, the action of external force is molecular flow of internal friction, or resistance to flow. Usually, the viscosity is proportional to the hardness. Second, the hardness of silicone products. A material's ability to fight hard local compression is called the hardness. Silicone rubber shaw hardness in the range of 10 to 80, this makes the designers have full freedom to choose the required hardness, so as to best implement specific functionality. Among various hardness value can be achieved by different proportion of polymer base material, fillers and additives. Also, heating and curing time and temperature can also change the hardness, without disrupting the other physical properties. Third, the tensile strength of silicone products. Tensile strength is refers to the rubber sample was tearing force required by each unit. The tensile strength of the hot vulcanization silicone rubber solid in 4. 0 ~ 12. Between 5 mpa. The tensile strength of fluorine and silicone rubber in 8. 7 to 12. Between 1 mpa. The scope of the tensile strength of the liquid silicone rubber in the 3. 6 to 11. Between 0 mpa. 4. Tear strength of silicone products. For specimens with notch when the force f, on the swelling of incision or scratches. Even put cutting at high torsional stress, thermal vulcanization silicone rubber solid cannot be torn apart. Hot vulcanization silicone rubber solid tear strength in September 55 between kN/m. Tear strength of silicone rubber fluoride in 17. 5 - 46. Between 4 kn/m. Tear strength in liquid silicone rubber. 5 - 52 between kN/m. Fifth, the extension of the silicone product rate. Usually refers to the specimen fracture when compared with the original length 'ultimate elongation at break or increase the percentage of total heat vulcanization solid silicone rubber elongation between 90% ~ 1120%, the total fluorine silicone rubber elongation between 159% ~ 699%, the total percentage of elongation of liquid silicone rubber was between 220% ~ 900%, the different processing method and the choice of curing agent may significantly alter the stretching rate, elongation and temperature of the silicone rubber has a lot to do. 6. The operating time of silicone products. From the moment of colloid add hardener calculating operation time. The operation time and not fully between the later period cure time limit. Colloid from the moment to join curing agent was sulfide. The operation time meant that 30 minutes of vulcanization reaction product will not affect the quality of the finished product. Therefore, the production process to save time, the more the better of the products. Some places will say now is the time to cure. That is to say, after so long, silicone sulfide basically has ended. This basically has ended, this means that the product is already available, but in fact, a small part of the curing reaction is not over yet. Therefore, made of silicone rubber products, such as silicone rubber mold, usually to be put into use for a period of time. Above is the quality of rubber belt you know silica gel products how to detect unqualified, what method can detect the various methods to hope to be of help.
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