Silica gel products processing is analysed the reasons of the burrs

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
In the process of silica gel products processing, a process with the most troubling is the down side, especially with mould pressing craft products, edge can let a person down to mad. So what are the reasons of the burrs? From 'headstream governance', if one can find the problem, there was a flash and avoid processed products, it can save a lot of effort. A, vulcanizing temperature too high or curing time is too long silicone products in molding process, once the temperature too high or curing time is too long, can cause after molding, products numbness or brittle, numbness and crisp, to produce a great impact on the down side. Second, the curing temperature is too low, curing time is too short when not completely vulcanized silicone products elastic is very strong, so hurt side when it is not easy to split flash with the product, should cooperate with scissors trimming commonly so. 3, mold the design is unreasonable, processing quality closes nevertheless, or mold wear a long time in the design of mold, mold design is unreasonable, the manufacture of moulds since open mouth do not sharp, cause after molding, products are difficult to open. In addition, the silicone mold wear or amounts of sand may also affect its own performance. Four, die thickness is too big as long as the guarantee in the process of forming size requirements, will try to do thin, scale, material is accurate. Five, silicone raw materials mixing link out, the poor quality of rubber, the tear strength deficiencies, toughness is poor, prone to fracture after forming.
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