Silica gel products non-toxic environmental factors is what

by:Keyuan     2020-09-05
Silicone material although it belongs to the chemical, but compounds are divided into different kinds, have high toxins have moderate sex toxins are non-toxic don't conflict and slow conflict, and silica gel crystals ( Fine particles), Belongs to the highly active substances that it will not occur any conflict and reaction, with any material will not be needed and chemical miscibility radioactive poison! Even if the silicone material extrusion will not produce toxins such as smoke, so the silicone material as fill material and any additive blend is preferable to avirulent environmental protection! Silicone products manufacturer, production, processing and the reason is the raw material shear, more than two hundred degrees high temperature forming, forming sulfide mainly added as vulcanizing agent, vulcanization molding principle is the vulcanizing agent of elemental sulfur and sulfur compounds with heat, pressure cooling, high pressure separation cycles in the environment of high temperature for a long time of fixed and molding silicone products curing effect, and the element of sulfide is mainly used to for quinone compounds, and resin and metal oxides and amine compounds, material has been treated for environmental security has no effect! All type of silica gel products of raw materials are with white carbon black in the majority, and the bases of the silicone raw materials for silica and silicon resin, white carbon black majority, in which silica is the main body of solid silica gel products, it's become a colorless, tasteless, except hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated phosphoric acid compounds, not conflict with any material, silicon resin, it belongs to the thermosetting polymer polysiloxane, has combined the performance good, electrical insulation and high and low temperature resistant and waterproof effect, such as role besides the silicone used in many fields. To simply put your production by using silica gel products the main environmental non-toxic factor is due to raw material after deployment of chosen material are used in fusion does not conflict with any material can normal curing again, and no harm is based on raw materials do not conflict with any matter! It belongs to the non-toxic environmentally friendly! Using better silicone raw materials.
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