Silica gel products mold and the sample mould

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Company is very busy recently, many new customers to come to inquiry, in my impression, part of the customer has a question, custom silicone products 'why want to open the sample mold, why waste time and money to open a sample mold? '? About the difference between mold and the sample mould. Here by me ( The silicone lobular) Take you to get to know to understand is how to get this program. First of all, there are some customers from the silica gel products 3 d and 2 d image file, PDF or other format to us, the appearance of the size of the product or some difference, more customers or some products have special LOGO, product don't have the same mould structure, production of the mould structure is different, produce silicone products are different. At this time, we usually use the sample mould to locate the client of new products, with such a sample mould, how the size of the products or specifications there is unqualified, later will be very convenient for the size of the structure of the modified silicone products. Is to modify the sample mould, modify all the data will be archived, once for vulcanizing machine produce finished products through customer acceptance criteria, we will be in accordance with the last archived data to open the production mold. Second, sometimes customers silicone products require mould but no image file, so we only can according to customer's drawing sketches or customer first manuscript for proofing, is open, The sample mould) , using the sample mold to produce a product to the product structure size measurements, through sample production data measurement data to drawing, and then open the production mold, if directly open the sample mold, the production of products are generally possible error, only with the sample mould can guarantee lower production mold revision number. To quickly determine the big goods delivery and guarantee the quality of the products. Again, the customer request product detailed image file open mode, in the process of open mould will often want to modify the mould, by this time the sample mould is the solution to the problem, a silica gel products mould can be the sample mold. Finally, sample mould price is much lower than production mold, so if for modify the mold to mold scrap, sample mould due to the low cost for the company as a whole mould opening is also a way to reduce costs, if open mould by production mold directly if there is a damage to the company and customer caused unnecessary loss and waste. More about silicone products of the production process or more custom silicone products process, please continue to pay attention to our company's official website ( ) 。
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