Silica gel products injection process matters needing attention

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Injection is white or black first, and then confirm the silica gel products: bright surface, mist, not injection, PU. For does not need to spray on the surface of oil leakage of the silicone products, Light color doesn't matter, color such as black especially) , advising clients to do when production ChengLiang surface or half light, and mist, don't make it because in lasting process, the mold surface gradually become because of too much silicone oil stain particles adsorption lit up, so the silicone product surface color is different and mist in the window of the production, high bright line or bad impressions also easy adsorption show particularly easy to dirty hands sweat and dust. , of course, can generally through the sand mold spray surface can achieve a certain effect, but can produce about 150 - after spray sand surface About 200 die will gradually appear bright, but sand more easy to damage the mould life and the open sex ( Must pay attention to: especially the mould structure is there appear can appear when the sand is less than one and a half fog and mist side area separated block) Or, by plating can be improved, but can't completely put an end to the occurrence of some kind of problem. After plating processing of mould in production appear this kind of circumstance should be used after washing mold water for cleaning both want to go back to the same. The other black type injection products, sand production requirements as far as possible in the surface not to move, easy to cause the fuel injection can not cover, and make the silicone product surface bad. Second, the surface spray light oil products, especially the black products, must pay special attention to the surface can't exist indentation, impressions, otherwise such bad cause larger surface after injection. Better black spray light oil is not recommended, and other light products can spray light oil.
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