Silica gel products industry development in our country in 2018 and an overview of the development of European and American countries

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silica gel products factory at present 2018 silicone products industry in our country are summarized an overview of the development and the development of European and American countries. First of all, because of the speed of economic development in our country and the development of the silicone industry time above and the European and American countries vary a certain amount of time, experience above also lack in research and development of technology, so has certain gap compared to some other countries. We are the production of major products for some basic customer's requirements, but for some special requirements must be used to import export countries made of food grade silica gel, on special rubber and high-performance rubber, appeared a lot of deficiencies of our products. Second, silica gel products industry competition is now decided to many of the gravity of the manufacturer, cash flow difficulties, competition is too big, can't satisfy the customer requirements, product homogeneity serious, raw material prices are soaring and caused us a lot of domestic manufacturers appear collapse phenomenon. In some industrial manufacturing industry and medical industry are mostly made of imported silica gel and domestic silicone products are mainly used for low-end products which do not require particular above, in order to meet some special requirements, general many silicone products factory are imported silicone raw materials and platinum vulcanizing agent processing, production of products comply with FDA health inspection standards, so now we and foreign some silicone products will appear the lack of a lot. Silicone rubber products in our country is becoming more and more widely applied, in our life, in the industrial manufacturing, each big industry, the number and type of products are also increasing, using field has been extended, the number of silicone products manufacturer in China now has nearly far beyond abroad, according to the statistics in domestic silicone products manufacturer has nearly more than 1000 manufacturers, so now the domestic manufacturing industry of silicon has a very big potential market, and silica gel products industry is a relatively wide industry, in the production of products for export, many of them but for some long established manufacturers in the industry for the development of the domestic demand is also very good.
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