Silica gel products generic color blue solution

by:Keyuan     2020-09-04
Silica gel products generic color is also a bloom. In most cases, the unreasonable of the color because the silicone formula design or use inferior due to carbon black, oil softener small molecule compounds, compounds from internal migration to the surface of rubber or products. Solve the silicone products color/pan-blue methods: silica gel products generally suffused with the color words, suspected of carbon black and oil is bigger; Check the status of the color, is blue more or generic color more, if it is blue, should be the problem of carbon black; If it is color, more should be the problem of oil. Methods: to oil and carbon black alternative test for screening. It is important to note that in addition to carbon black, oil and stabilizer, and may cause the pan-blue silicone products are: 1, the influence of curing temperature; 2, improper use of current processing aid; 3, caused uneven dispersion, etc. 。 。 Ps: the original DSM said rainbow phenomenon: iridescence spray blue: blue haze crocking English is: bloom. Don't mess up with other English well.
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