Silica gel products factory whether consciously abide by production rules!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Products in all over the country even exported to Europe and the United States, there are now appear unqualified phenomenon, a lot of silica gel products factory inspection does not pass, even after the FDA certification of export is a disadvantage to material production, in recent years, fujian inspection bureau reported 2015 imported silicone products raw materials inspection situation, many manufacturers of silica gel products will be the product is not up to standard testing, although nominally through various inspection certification, but after careful to investigate, there are also many problems, such as the use of substandard raw materials, silicone products add chemicals is not stable, not silica gel silica raw materials chemical properties, a cubic meters of dust particles in the process of production workshop is greater than 20 milligrams, the silica gel products manufacturers as a good raw material without good ventilation and exhaust, and so on, a lot of problems can result in the sale of our products is not standard, the theory above, any manufacturer's product meets our requirements even export requirements, but if the details above, related department certification testing, may be most of the products do not meet their requirement. And ask for a simple silicone products manufacturing, as long as there is production mold and molding machine, so compared with some imitation of gold and silver, and the disadvantage of illegal production of silicone products, related departments or make a stern warning, not approved by the relevant departments of the test is not allowed to export trading activities, otherwise will receive severe punishment. So especially our xiamen silicone products manufacturer in the process of production don't go to in order to save cost and use inferior raw materials, in the production or processing production in accordance with the relevant provisions, so that consumers will acknowledge your products, let customer satisfaction, if consumers dissatisfied with your products, you use in good material is also useless, isn't it? Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Xiamen silicone products co. , LTD. ( 文章/ xiaopeijianyiyindawe_1。 html)
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