Silica gel products factory share, encapsulates the wireless charging

by:Keyuan     2020-12-11
Silicone products factory silicone, in the previous article and share, pack plastic products with a integrated what to do, want to have what condition. Then, this article is to share, wireless charging late stick with glue joint to do? Some customers of products is not the high temperature resistant, engineers can suggested later chapter glue joint. Most customers have a few problems: 1. What about sealing, into the water? 2. Fastness? Will a tear started? 3. Glue can stick flat, will affect beautiful? 4. Glue will corrosion circuit? Will not affect the use? These problems, the silica gel products factory silicone told everybody, completely don't have to worry about. Come to terms with wireless charging, below is a wireless charging, due to the circuit board can't bear the high temperature of 200 °, can only through the late glue and. Wireless charging stick samples after good, the customer back tests, except the pin sample of the part, soak in water for three days, after continued use for a week, still can be normal use, and late through various tests. Want to know, adhesive wireless charging stick's question is how to solve? The next article, silica gel products factory in details to share with you. Original content, reprint please indicate the source
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