Silica gel products factory sample introduction to die!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Mould is not all strange for many industry base, to make an important part of all kinds of rubber and plastic material, now in the midst of many industries more and more our usability for mould, the mould for silicone products industry is one of the most important design it associated with the structure shape and quality of a product, in the silicone products manufacturer production products is indispensable, through the mold to the development of new products, but for the sample mould are unaware for many customers, when ready to buy, but it takes a sum of money to open the sample mold, the customer has also become the cause of the refused to order, but the sample mould for silicone industry also must be a process that is benefit for your product. When we got the customer asking customer service from the 3 d drawings and samples if we can do but without a mold will allow customers to open mold production, mould early to receive good product can open a sample mold to do samples first by 3 d figure with the CAD software design and reasonable mould, let customers satisfied with the sample of the later in the mold development, if the sample mould after confirmation will develop a single hole or double holes make sample mould samples need to undertake a variety of tests, such as the sample of toughness, hardness is in the use of appropriate, adapt to temperature, the selection of colors and some performance confirmation of above, if after up to standards for large mold development. So in the midst of silica gel products industry customer understanding of the sample will be better confirm, if I had to open mold production and processing, so in the production process of product, mold unqualified various problem, also is a kind of irresponsible to the customer, and open a sample mold fee than large modulus to reduce the price a few times, if the sample model in the mass production must be developed, must according to the sample mould to produce physical description of acquaintance with customers to make the production, it is also a way to confirm the quality of the products, if the sample appear problem, so choose to repair the mold to meet requirements for large mold development and production, to do good. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( ) Reprint please indicate the source
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