Silica gel products factory how to improve the efficiency of production

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Efficiency ( 效率) Refers to the ratio of useful power to drive power, at the same time also lead to a variety of meanings. Efficiency is also divided into a lot of kinds, such as mechanical efficiency, thermal efficiency, etc. , but today is the silicone products manufacturer in the production process efficiency, simple terms also is speed fast! A company in quality assurance at the same time improve the efficiency of production that is a very good thing, if is not so in the high efficiency of the unit price is useless, can't say for certain creditors also money! It will realize the importance of production efficiency! Today, the silica gel products factory how to improve the production efficiency! Silica gel products factory how to improve the efficiency of production: the first point: the quality of raw materials, silicone products factory most of the raw materials for silicone rubber raw materials, raw materials are the 369 level, the corresponding need silicone rubber silicone products of raw materials not on at the same time. Such as a high silica gel, silica gel products you use ordinary vulcanizing agent that you must release all difficulties, let alone want how high efficiency! There is another important problem is to check special silicone rubber raw materials have impurities inside, if there are impurities in raw material, no matter how good you the silicone factory technology, terrific staff in vain! So want to increase the productivity of the silica gel products, the first step must do the inspection of raw materials. Silicone products factory how to improve the efficiency of production: the second point: the stand or fall of the silicone mold is also directly affect the production efficiency, such as the same kind of silicone products for different mold factory silicone mold may be different, and the two mold production efficiency must be different, may be someone one day can produce 100 pieces of products, and your this mold structure is wrong, the result of may you can one day 60 pieces of silica gel products is entirely possible, so in the preparation of production a batch of silicone products in advance when you need to make mold design. Silica gel products factory how to improve the efficiency of production: the third point: do the above two points, in actual use vulcanizing machine, injection machine production of silicone products such as machinery, under the adjustment of technical personnel to do pressure, time, temperature and a series of production to do good preparation, this time, it requires a very a silica gel products technical personnel or debugging personnel, according to the mixing of raw materials for various parameters and the structure of the mould for debugging good! This step is also very important, if the debug wrong products may do it or not, can not meet the quality requirements, and if the debugging by the way, that there will be a jiao to improve production efficiency. In normal production, operators should in debugging production machinery, in order to avoid pyrrhic cannot do all kinds of rework work efficiency instead. The sampling is found that the problem in the process of production and the key to solve the problem of product quality. Want to increase the productivity of the silica gel products in each production link must not treat STH lightly, each link all well can improve the silicone products production efficiency
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