Silica gel products exhaust is difficult and the cause of edge cracking

by:Keyuan     2020-09-14
Silica gel products edge ( Edge leather) Part of the crack, shrinkage, pull side such phenomenon, industry sources said the phenomenon as the focal side; According to ten years experience in producing silicone products for general coke side of the situation, think there are four main reasons: 1, the rubber vulcanizing agent content is too large, Much is vulcanizing agent) 。 2, the curing time is too long. 3, curing temperature is too high. 4, sulfide stress rheometer. Reasons are caused by the silica gel products, the difficulty of exhaust four 1, exhaust distance is too large or too short, should be strictly controlled in 1 - - Between 5 cm. 2, an exhaust do not row, second exhaust can be solved. 3, not to the vulcanization time. 4, rubber has a problem, there are water/vulcanizing agent dispersed uneven/rubber mixing unevenly. Silica gel products exhaust difficult and shrinkage cracking are generally in the mold faceted, to solve these problems, should also pay attention to other details, remind: 1, the amount of material also should pay attention to. 2, and the mould clamping blade is damaged, when it's necessary to use abrasive polishing. 3, whether there will be a blow to the mold release? Where will blow to pour it out a little R Angle. 4, whether also have certain relations with inferior silica gel. All in all, different silica gel products have different problems, according to their own requirements, process, how many etc to adjust test temperature vulcanization time pressure.
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