Silica gel products - Do you know about thermal conductive silicone piece!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Thermal conductive silicone relative to the thermal conductive silicone and thermal conductive double-sided adhesive has the following advantages: the coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicone piece of scope and degree of stability, thermal conductivity silicone technology workers in the structure difference of bridge, reduces the radiator and cooling structure for poor work. Thermal conductive silicone is more and more customers choose to heat dissipation, thermal conductive paste, thermal conductive adhesive tape is slowly being replaced, thermal conductive silicone application fields: notebook computers, mainframe computers, power devices, automotive electronic module, power module, power supply, the calculator application and no need to fill the cooling; The heating power of the device used for electronic products, electronic equipment, Integrated circuits, power tubes, SCR, transformer, etc. ) And cooling facilities ( Heat sink, aluminum frame, etc. ) Close contact between, to achieve better effect of thermal conductivity. High power LED lighting, high power LED lamp, street lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc. ; Typical application: the customer can according to the heating element and the clearance between the heat sink to select the suitable thickness of the thermal conductive silicone heat resistance up to ( - 40 ~ + 220) ; Optional adjustable color, thickness. Everyone knows thermal conductive silicone pad is used to heat dissipation of thermal conductivity of a material, but what exactly is how to realize the heat dissipation of thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity silicone piece main role for filling heat conduction, because often uneven between heating element and the cooling device, direct contact with the exist a large number of air, the air is a poor heat conductor. Made by means of heat transfer to the cooling device is blocked, the thermal conductive silicone with high compression ratio ( At least more than 20%) , discharge air achieve better contact. Thermal conductive silicone refers to the silicon rubber added on the basis of a particular kind of silica gel which is formed by the thermal conductive fillers. This generally includes thermal conductive silicone adhesive glue, thermal conductivity silicone potting compound, and have sulfide into thermal conductive silicone pieces of a certain shape and thermal conductive silicone pads, etc. Articles from the professional manufacturer of thermal conductive silicone piece of - Reprint please indicate the source!
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