Silica gel products custom tablet the silica gel protective sleeve

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Product features: (flat the silica gel protective sleeve 1) Professional manufacturer of silica gel plate cases, for the case of process and forming a very mature technology, make to order different size and thickness and shape, its good elasticity and cache can completely prevent broken, long service life can reach the desired, and high and low temperature resistance, waterproof sealing capability, etc. ( 2) Common silica gel plate, different color, design can be customized, printing process can be adopted to design the printing also can use a glue craft to make three-dimensional AoTuGan, originality, cartoon heat dissipation, arbitrary models are in complete accord general, special, easy to carry more convenient, various key opening and camera and volume mouth, can use the perfect match. ( 3) Non-slip, make the protective sleeve and the fuselage form a perfect whole, fall off not easily, easy to clean, not easy damaged, antibacterial effect and so on. ( 4) Imported silicone material, non-toxic tasteless non-corrosive, safe environmental protection health, conforms to the America and Japan and the European standard LFGB standard, passed the ISO certification. High and low temperature resistance: - 40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃, the number of the accurate design, can be washed, long service life, super soft feel close skin texture.
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