Silica gel products custom how to select raw materials

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
As is known to all, silicone products used in different industries, so a lot of consumer understanding of silicone material performance is based on the similarity. They all belong to the soft rubber, don't know its detailed performance data. Have some silicone products don't need detailed requirements, so choose no performance requirements of rubber, some things just need performance data to confirm the quality silicone products, so the raw material performance, of course, is more important. Silicone products for the first time stretching the springback is the core of the silicone raw material performance. The essence of the silicone material is soft and elastic. As a result, many manufacturers of silicone rubber products is the first confirmation of the tensile strength of its products. Silicone products, for example, does not rebound, in the process of tensile deformation and resilience, there is no factors such as the tensile strength of the rebound, the performance of different products is different also. For example, seal need strong rebound to be sealed. Silicone gaskets need good springback for buffering and other factors. Environment and anti-aging performance is relatively important. Environmental performance is mainly aimed at the high temperature resistant, low temperature, high heat, electricity, oil, etc. Can be used in different environments with different rubber materials, such as antistatic, conductive silicone raw materials. High temperature resistance rubber can be used for fear of high temperature gas, ozone can be used for special adjustment of anti-ultraviolet silicone rubber. In fact, for different sources of raw materials manufacturers have their own a set of formula of raw materials and different materials, including adding a mixture of different, different ratio of additives. Each raw material manufacturers allocate differently, so remind you before custom silicone products, silicone products make sure good product needs proofing what kind of effect and then confirmed that the subsequent won't have to change the rubber and formula, or it will cause unnecessary trouble!
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