Silica gel products crisp reason and solution

by:Keyuan     2020-09-03
In the process of producing will find silicone products crisp, very short break, seriously affected the yield, and crisp silicone products on utilizing life is also short of supplication. So, the reason of the brittle silicone products are what? A, the structure of the silica gel products or mould design product brief split. Product structure or mold design is unreasonable, the silica gel products molding briefly when fracture, solution: fixed end of the product or mold structure to improve, for example, will be too thin a little upset, local orthogonal place slightly to pour a little rounded corners and so on. 2, molding temperature is too high or curing time is too long cause silica gel products crisp. Solution: reduce the temperature control of curing time. Three, two times plus sulfur owe good ventilation or high temperature silicone product crisp. Solution: be careful adjusting secondary plus sulfur ventilation and temperature control, four materials, silica gel itself. Rubber itself constitute a silicone product brittle primary elements, silica gel products crisp usually because of poor quality rubber itself, tear strength reach supplications, and now a lot of produce silicone products manufacturer in order to reduce capital also to glue guess filled with silicon powder to reduce capital, this will cause the original tear strength reach pleading rubber more brittle. Solution: use pure without silicon powder rubber yield, to solicit slightly higher, also need to choose Toshiba, the letter, dow corning and other major brands of rubber to produce. Perhaps especially product for high strength adhesive ( Climate glue) To produce, and then arrived in tear strength. Silica gel products itself with better elasticity and super high tear strength function is known, use the silicone material to produce products with long life, feel comfortable, flexible texture, is unmatched by other materials produced by the products. In the above four elements of a silicone product brittle, rubber itself have been more sexual crisp, and other factors also exist, but the impact is less. Therefore, when found in the process of producing silica gel products crisp, you should clean the mold temperature is high, and then from the rubber itself elements laid hands on him.
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