Silica gel products change structure, you need to pay attention to what problem

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Products will inevitably be in the early design some missing details problem, so the structure confirmation accurate effect is not very accurate, but in different industry structure changes the product that is quite a trouble one thing, so once decided to need to change the change, so may be is more trouble than a new do a product, in the silicone products industry has a lot of material need to change product structure adjustment and so on questions, but fortunately the silicone products overall complexity is not high, the mould structure, such as seals, silicone gasket, and so on, so changes to change the product need to pay attention to some of what problem? Silicone product changes in the structure size for silicone products factory to produce goods actually basic without any doubt, but for die and mould method that is in need of some exquisite, so you need to have the silicone products to change the structure of the cases, the first premise is whether the products of steel to withstand milling cutter and the late production of the machine pressure, in reality a lot of products after change the size or structure of formal because of bad mold steel caused by welding the same follow-up do deformation of mould is pressed. The product deformation, size, the phenomenon such as flash butt. Additional you want to confirm whether the product in the mold above expand or contract, this is the main, if you need to put the whole product size bigger then you need to put on the mould mold core larger expansion size can be directly, but you need to change the size smaller then more troublesome, depending on the product structure and change the size, not a new case that direct welding processing, if the product structure is more complex dimension change is larger then could be the new face new processing, and basic no difference from the new mould, it is more complex. And you need the main mold in the mold for the product after welding, due to oxidation and influenced by environmental pressure welding products may instead for the service life of mold is certain time limit, as long as the welding from the new mould of good processing basic it is not the same mould service life is long, so no matter what your product will be more accurate, then the subsequent product will reduce the quality because of it, that you have to carefully think about it! Silicone rubber products change structure belongs to complex problems, probably because of 0. 1 mm deviation will lead to the mold scrapped, the mold can be changed, but the product quality will have bigger picture! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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