Silica gel products causes and solution of bubbles

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone products of bubbles and porosity is one of the important factors that affect the quality, so the silicone products bubble produced by the prevention and solution is key. Silicone products have bubbles and stomatal main reasons: 1, is the raw material; 2, the processing technology. Caused by the raw materials including stomata bubbles raw rubber and compound water by itself, prone to fai and chemical reaction of gases. Compound is most likely to generate bubbles components in plasticizer ( Including the softeners) 。 Because belong to oil from plasticizer, containing volatiles in low temperature and moisture in the majority; The pine tar, coal tar more much. To remove moisture, a silica gel products factory before mixing heating evaporation on pine tar, coal tar. Even so, easy to volatile matter and low molecular substances of plasticizer will still be in mixing heating or sulfide heating volatilization, resulting in a hole or air bubbles. Of reinforcing fillers such as carbon black and clay adsorption gas contains some moisture and it is also one of the reasons of the silica gel products have bubbles. Fiber materials and is also the important factor causing bubbles, steel cord fiber and steel wire themselves are air and water. Cause air bubble, a variety of products not often is dispersed and dissolved gas in the rubber and moisture, through the skeleton materials, advancing in the direction of low pressure and gathering. In terms of process technology, have bubbles of factors in the production process more; Can say silicone products most bubbles are caused due to improper operation. Mixing and heat isolation agent often into the water and the function of smelting material, mixing and other thermal refining process often into gas, and deep gas quantity index with temperature. The higher the temperature, the bigger the quantity of gas infiltration. Owe sulfur and silica gel products have bubbles and porosity of the important reasons. Because owe sulfur rubber breaking strength is not high, the inside of the rubber gas molecular diffusion in the rubber, concentration. Solution: 1, the air into the mixing rubber is more difficult to eliminate, the commonly used method is to use fill in the blanks. 2, pressure rubber are prone to bubbles at the time of the high temperature, temperature should be controlled delivery for this purpose. 3, in order to export the calender gas can be used in the roller jacket of rubber foam roller way. 4, the big bubbles produce most arises from forming in the process of operation of lax, due to the shape with a host of volatile gasoline mucilage, may also adhere to gay friends and many other magazines. But these problems can be through strengthening operation and management to overcome and solve. 5, avoid gas bubble is caused by adding rubber self-adhesive ( Not directly use gasoline mucilage) And ensure the huge clean such as measures to solve. If the molding operation found that shall immediately eliminate air bubbles. 6, moreover reasonable silicone mold design, make the mold has reasonable enough number of vents and hole location and sizing in the mold can be evenly heat compression, etc. 7, sulfide stress and vulcanizing temperature should be appropriate, According to the different rubber) 。
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