Silica gel products business procurement matters needing attention

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
With the widely application of the silicone products, silicone products are popular in the market will become, in work or in life are everywhere, can you now have a silicone product figure, is ubiquitous and cause a lot of silicone products purchasing business of a large number of purchasing, but not enough learned with silicone products, and result in custom silicone products away many detours, let's introduce considerations of purchasing silicone products! 1. Silica gel products requirements for procurement to clear, the requirements are mainly silica gel, the purpose of the product using the environment, product attributes, if these most basic information cannot confirm silicone products manufacturer, will lead to the silicone factory standard production, because only know these can choose corresponding silica gel material, adopt rational production process. 2. Silicone products and other plastic products to distinguish, silicone products and other plastic products for professionals who are difficult to discern. This case, the manufacturer should inform the specific situation, analyze the purchaser of the product is silicone products, if not, tell the customer what to do with silicone material advantages, have what disadvantage. 3. Silicone products process to understand, silica gel products custom is to guarantee the customer product characteristic, requires a separate mold development, choose appropriate materials, with LOGO and packing, so that can meet the targeted procurement purposes. Some customers will doubt the necessity of mould fees charged by the manufacturer, so manufacturers charge mould cost is plain code marks a price, should inform customer related processing technological process in detail, let the customer really trust, understanding of silica gel products factory transparent processing customized services.
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