Silica gel of electrodes

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
What is the silica gel of electrodes? It can be connected to a variety of massage equipment, simulating to the human body acupuncture and massage a little medical silica gel products accessories; Silica gel electrode performance: 1, the surface of the silica gel of electrodes with a layer of protective film, has good conductivity, strong ablility of human skin; 2, is made from natural silicone rubber, texture is soft and light, safe and non-toxic, environmental protection with human skin direct contact for a long time for a long time no stimulus to human skin and side effects, long service life; 3, stable chemical performance, soft and elastic, not easy to tear, deformation, can stick on any part of the human body, have anti-fouling, deodorization, absorption function of toxins, inhibit bacteria, easy to clean; 4, long service life, general reusable 300 ~ 400 times, can well promote the blood circulation; 5, is a universal electrode, suitable for most of the therapeutic apparatus, fields, each of electrodes above has a small hole, suitable for 2. 0毫米( The thickness of the $1 COINS) And 2. 5 mm wire pin. Silica gel electrode chip USES: silica gel of electrodes are widely used in high frequency therapeutic apparatus, intermediate frequency therapy apparatus and low frequency therapeutic apparatus, body charged with therapeutic apparatus, fields, massager, household therapeutic apparatus, weight loss, beauty fitness apparatus, etc.
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