Silica gel nail cushion how to cleaning

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
In imperceptible in, silica gel nail mat has become a manicure tools, this is in the past is no imagine! Silica gel nail mat is a silicone products manufacturer to produce a kind of silica gel products belong to silicone beauty makeup directory. Silica gel nail mat has many advantages: feel is good, bright color, easy to clean, etc. Compared with the traditional desktop, for different close skin materials such as glass, women should have experience of nail, so how do you know silica gel nail mat cleaning? What are the cleaning method? How to wash more clean silica gel nail mat cleaning method: 1, usually with long how many will have sweat slowly have a sweat, the guest can accept! So this time can be like a normal item to cleaning, add detergent, rinse immediately with water! 2, dust, the clothes of the fabric can drop a hair on nail cushion, some water may be not completely washed away at this time, need to make a basin of water and then with a rag to clean! 3, if you have nail oil drop in the above, this question is very easy to appear, is also difficult to solve the problem, this time can look for materials such as alcohol, cloth, the alcohol in a cloth (first Don't pour a lot of, there is a wet rag) Try, and then use dishcloth nail mat remaining nail oil ( If a big can put more deducted) Try, wipe with alcohol cannot be completely wiped out, this time with a little hard cloth to rub off the rest of the nail oil can! Be sure to keep in mind, not with brush, steel wire ball, steel wire and other special things hard to operate, or it will give rub the silica gel nail mat is broken! 4, after long time use, use boiling water to boil, do simple disinfection processing, customers will be more like 5, after long time use, silicone oil on the surface of the silica gel nail cushion may be brushed off some, look no color, available silicone oil above on, this time in high temperature for silicone oil completely dissolve in silica gel nail mat, make it a new color, get a new effect! Note: silica gel material nail mat, not with a sharp knife, hard to cut, such as not to be exposed to flame!
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