Silica gel) how to taste

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
New to buy back the silica gel) smell, smell properly? Silica gel) in production, the factory has to do in addition to taste, because the silica gel has adsorption and silica gel) easy adsorption odor in the workshop, so the silicone) products have a smell. Silica gel) how to taste? In addition to taste method 1, boiled water to taste new buy back the silica gel), use cleaner clean first, then use boiled water for two hours, then dry, this is to remove the silicone smell products one of the most simple way. 2, orange peel to taste with cleaner cleaned silica gel) first, then fill with fresh orange peels, cover the lid and let stand for one night, then wash clean. 3, toothpaste to taste first will squeeze toothpaste on the toothbrush, brush up and down in the clockwise direction, silica gel), after being out of the foam, with boiled water wash your silica gel). 4, milk to taste with cleaner cleaned silica gel) first, and then pour some milk, compaction shaking for about a minute, then pour milk, wash clean.
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