Silica gel hand ring wear method

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Actually wearing silicone gift bracelet is no special way, with the silicone strap products on the market of double color strap is roughly the same belong to silicone gift gift bracelet custom classes, are just some of the characteristics of different style, wearing method is the same. Then by the baoan silicone strap factory to make a brief introduction of different silica gel hand ring wear method. Ordinary of ordinary wear method of silicone bracelet is very common in the bracelet, there is no other special product structure features, it is made of silicone raw materials processing. Product non-toxic harmless, from the raw material, the silica gel is a kind of natural green environmental protection raw material, made from round silicone bracelet has the very good elasticity! Single price is very cheap, because the product itself has elasticity, so only when the wear a gently pull can be put on, without having to worry about product was broke, partial inferior silicone bracelet material may adopt the environmental protection material to production, pull a few times can produce deformation, so when the choose and buy must you choose good. Telescopic deductions way to wear this type of bracelet for the most part is not elastic, but wear can be wear according to the size of your wrist, your general products will have about five, according to the size of your wrist in hand ring button 1 - May choose to suit oneself of position. If your wrist is lesser, intelligent when it can be worn on the inside of the buckle, if the wrist is larger buckles on the outside the buckle.
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