Silica gel glass on it

by:Keyuan     2020-09-14
Commonly used water glass material is very much, and with silica gel as the example of tableware rare, it is a kind of creative living supplies, also is at present a lot of young people choice, whether household daily or outdoor use, it is a good articles for daily use! Travel to environmental protection, since the national advocate low carbon life, most people in China for life and travel choice low carbon products, silicone products, for example is one of the more environmental protection type of colloid articles for daily use at present, at present a lot of things in life we choose replace with silica gel material, such as living kitchen utensils and appliances, daily necessities and glass products, etc. , and articles for daily use 'silicone cup' has become the present day life which are frequently used in life, its advantages and characteristics you know? Silica glass is the main characteristic of environmental security, and has good resistance to fall effect, sense is very good, the second is that product effect of both material and it is always let a person possess oneself of, it is main food grade pure silicone rubber fixed-line and to achieve good fixed-line soft rubber material, feel comfortable, rebound strong, and can be printed on the surface appearance and radium carved different images and text, is resistant to its strengths, even though you put it falling from the plane, it will not be broken. Its simple processing technology, the product cost is low, usually the silicone cup factory production and processing a glass cost more money in a few yuan, within a specific need to look at it and the shape of the product and the weight of the request, but the product price estimate alone will be a little high, it mainly mold molding and injection molding, molding is the process will be mixed in good rubber is put in the mold of about 180 degrees high temperature curing molding, injection molding is the liquid silicone injection mold cavity in the high temperature molding raw materials, the difference is not big! Silica glass is one of the essential kettles at many outdoor travel, because of its softness can be arbitrary twists and turns into other shapes to receive is the better choice, so folding long twists and turns out of shape not easily, and silicone material can be resistant to high and low temperature for a long time, use it to install ling hot water does not have any effect, easy to clean, easy to carry. The characteristics of the silicone cup 1 gas phase silica gel, glass raw materials adopt environmental protection, food silica gel is made from silicate polycondensation of inorganic polymer gel material, ingredient is mSiO2nH2O. Chemical stability is good, except in hydrofluoric acid and caustic that two very special circumstances not with any acid-base reaction. Often used in baby pacifier, silica gel bottle safety requirements such as high product. Avirulent insipidity, composition of silica and water, security and stability. 2, high temperature resistant, low temperature: silicone raw materials for the scope of heat-resistant - 40℃- 220 ℃, far more than the food with plastic products, more than 100 ℃ not melted. Use process safety, even when burning could be decomposed into silica white mist and white smoke, non-toxic harmless. 3, ageing resistance, do not fade, oxidation decomposition temperature is far more than similar plastic products. Used in daily temperatures do not fade, the service life of 10 years. 4, easy to clean, oil resistant, don't ooze water, can be in the dishwasher to clean, easy to use, a housewife is a good helper. 5, soft, prevent slippery, feel is good, like a baby's skin, warm and thoughtful. Material selection, machining process, quality control, material selection in accordance with the food grade silica gel American FDA standards.
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