Silica gel glass containers that can hold water

by:Keyuan     2020-09-06
Many people will ask: made of silica gel glass containers that can hold water? The answer is: sure can hold water. Silica gel glass USES environmental organic silica gel. Heat resistance - 40 ℃ ~ 220 ℃, durable, never deformation. Use of the foldable fit into a pocket! Silica gel glass USES the food grade liquid silicone + plastic PP, does not contain BPA, Bisphenol A (bpa) Product is made of food grade silica gel material, safe non-toxic, with pacifier of the same fabric. Cup body residual odor because in the process of production, silica gel are left after baking oven high temperature, and the products from the production line directly to consumers' hands. Suggest clean with detergent before use, in the pot boil 6 - again 7 minutes, disinfection, and to eliminate peculiar smell, folding, hook size. Environmental protection silicone, silicone product characteristics of raw material with 100% of food silica gel is made from silicate polycondensation of inorganic polymer gel material, ingredient is mSiO2 ­ nH2O. Chemical stability is good, except in hydrofluoric acid and caustic that two very special circumstances not with any acid-base reaction. Often used in baby pacifier, bottle safety requirements such as high product. Avirulent insipidity, composition of silica and water, security and stability. Silicone raw materials for high temperature, low temperature, temperature tolerance range for - 40℃- 220 ℃, far more than the food with plastic products, more than 100 ℃ not melted. Use process safety, even when burned, it would only be broken down into silicon dioxide and water vapour, non-toxic harmless. Ageing resistance, do not fade, oxidation decomposition temperature is far more than similar plastic products. Used in daily temperatures do not fade, the service life of 10 years. Easy to clean, oil resistant, don't ooze water, can be in the dishwasher to clean, easy to use, a housewife is a good helper. Soft, prevent slippery, feel is good, like a baby's skin, warm and thoughtful. Material selection, machining process, quality control, material selection in accordance with the food grade silica gel American FDA standards.
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