Silica gel cup mat with other silicone products of the production process have to differ?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
We now many of the items when use like to use a silicone or encase a mat or cushion, common have mouse pads, and desk and chair cushion, etc. , we are used in the use of some electronic products or other items to add a mat on the bottom as a protective effect, mainly is to reduce the number of items subject to desktop positive friction and reduce the service life of the products, in addition to the common mat silicone gasket has also become a lot of consumer place to choose one of the products, such as silica gel cup mat and eat mat product has completely popularity in the daily necessities of life. Silicone cartoon gasket is currently on the market demand for larger type of silicone gaskets, mainly is the appearance of the it technology to produce effect of different shapes and patterns in order to achieve good beautiful degree and get the favour of consumer, there are many products production and keep-warm glass silica gel pad and silica gel dough pad and so on different creative gifts, but different product process has different requirements, also have different requirements in terms of use. Ordinary silicone gasket is is made of die forming of customized processing production technology, the structure of this kind of product is single, a single color of product can be made of different shape and logo, the benefits of such technology is high efficiency, low cost; Bad is single color, not a lot of creative effect, the only thing that can improve product appearance can only through the printing process. Monochromatic silica gel cup mat accounted for most of the market at present, due to the different structure of creative can also add a little color. Color colorful silicone cup mat for multicolor glue a integrated, the advantage of this kind of silicone gasket is can in front of consumers in choosing a silicone gasket presents a better aesthetic and stereo feeling, the silicone gasket manufacturer mainly made of glue molding process can create different cartoon logo design and brand and so on. Assemble type of silica gel technology, mainly used in two different types of gasket used when processing concave and convex chamfer to assemble into an organic whole, such as pattern and heart shape, the main color and pink is different, this kind of silicone cup mat process is more complex, need different mold production molding again for a second or with glue together achieve mixed color effect, the selling point of this kind of silica gel cup mat is contracted and delicate appearance, weakness is a complex production process, the cost is high. Silica gel cup mat current production common processes are numbered, and one of the most main or silicone material have some selling point. At present many consumers to customize the company logo and brand design customized processing, more press close to life.
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