Silica gel cosmetics receive a case of product features

by:Keyuan     2020-09-15
Receive silicone cosmetic boxes, cosmetic brush, optional insert, receive all kinds of cosmetics, convenient and quick! Receive a case product features: (silica gel cosmetics 1) Imported silicone raw materials, environmental health, non-toxic odorless, design fashion, fashionable. ( 2) Using the separated type design, can properly protect the makeup brushes of different shapes and sizes, is a can let makeup tools neatly receives good convenient box. ( 3) This product because of the silicone scalability, reduce to put space, the reserves big, convenient to carry, can be used as vertical cosmetics, can go out again as a make-up box to receive all kinds of cosmetics, a multi-purpose, elegant fashion. ( 4) Convenient cleaning, base can be removed to take out the silicone wash directly. Silica gel drying rack, reduce put space, the reserves big, convenient to carry, ms help us solve this difficult problem. High quality brushes drying rack, makeup brush reveal frame, can be used as a desktop receive tool, directly inserted into the soft silicone hole, not tilt, natural dry, clean. High quality environmental protection material, delicate process, the effect is good. Pure silicon, texture soft, tearing resistance, feel is very flexible. Waterproof, non-stick ash and with super wear resistance and strong stickiness. Style, color, LOGO can be customized according to need.
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