Silica gel bed small night light

by:Keyuan     2020-09-07
Silica gel bed small night light can be used as a gift to friends or loved ones, the silicone bedside lamp can be easy for us to get up for the evening, don't open headlight bother and silica gel bedside lamp lights softer not dazzling, silicone bedside lamp lovely modelling, both can be used as furniture can also be very convenient, especially there are many young mother in the evening often fed baby; silicone bedside lamp can be very convenient. Silica gel bed small night light custom parameters: name: silica gel bedside lamp customization, creative silica gel children small night light, of the bear cartoon silicone discus patted lights, silicone bedside lamp lampshade material: food-grade silicone base material: PVC voltage: : 5 v current 550 ma, light color: warm color + 7 colour charging ways: USB charging line custom: support personalized LOGO custom packing: 1, a single OPP bag, a single blank carton packaging. 2, a single OPP bag, color box packaging 3, single OPP bag, according to the number of directly into the silica gel bed small night light can accompany the children go to bed, let the child no longer lonely, is also a small night light, a children's toy voltage is very small, the children will not have any damage. Create romance can also give the couple to have romantic houseful. Can also give the country's 80 Wan Baoma night nursing bed little night light, don't bother dad sleep. Method of use: 1, 3, 7 battery ( Batteries, rechargeable batteries) ; 2, insert USB cable to use. Silica gel bed small night light customization features: a soft, warm light with you can sleep, use in the bedroom, children room, the sitting room, studio, corridor, outdoor and other places. 2, silicone berth lamp have induction switch, colorful color, use up to 8 to 12 hours, adopts the environmental protection silicone, easy to clean and durable. 3, silicone bedside lamp produced by using environmental protection silicone, soft skin, and as comfortable as a baby's skin, let you hold a special fun. 4, good ductile deformation, stress can knead, relieve the stress in your life. 5, colorful lights, re-building can become a kind of color, can choose color according to your own mood, can change blue, purple, yellow, green, red, purple, sapphire, can have a long light mode can also be the gradient. 6, the built-in lithium battery, can charge, can also be designed according to need a battery-powered mode.
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