Silica gel bags design advantage

by:Keyuan     2020-09-08
If fresh container can completely change the rigid plastic containers to store food, so the silicone bags, you can completely change the way that the plastic container to store food, we can say that the silicone bags, is a breakthrough in the 21st century great innovation of plastic preservation container design. 1, the silica gel bags at the top of the design is very flexible, at the bottom is flat, can be placed on the table and the other on the surface, the top has a trademark zipper or transverse pull rod type sealing design. Moderate silicone material structure and thickness of the top reliable zipper/clamp mechanism makes it safer than ordinary zip lock bag, and it does not cover ( The lid can be lost) That make it have more advantages than the plastic containers. 2, used to make the top of the silica gel bags, bags of platinum silicone so that they can be infinitely repeated use, it is almost destroyed, also won't stain, not affected by cold or hot, can wash the dishes, the most important thing is, edible. 3, the top of the silica gel bags, zipper/rod mechanism to ensure that the height of the product also sealing, such as fruits, vegetables, milk can get very protective, even will not bad for a long time. The main point is that the silicone bags, the genius of its material and shape choice, can make ordinary zipper at the top of the flat base replace all of your plastic containers and bottles, can store more flexible design, and its availability in eight different size to make it perfectly meet the storage requirements of all aspects. Food grade silicone material or high tensile environmental protection silicone rubber to make it more green than plastic bags, consumers can fully rest easy to use. According to incomplete statistics, if 3% of people worldwide use silica gel bags, so can save about 2 a day. 200 million plastic bags, greatly reduce land pollution due to fresh plastic containers and environmental pollution.
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