Silica gel and thermoplastic elastomer TPE do what is the difference between real products?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Now a new type of high environmental protection material similarity varieties too much, and now the silicone product category degree of acquaintance is to let outsiders are difficult to distinguish, is now the TPR material, PVC material and TPU and TPE material, etc. , on the surface they many point the same, but in fact there are such as performance and life of differences, such as TPE material is now one of them, what practical effect on it with silica gel products difference and the edge? Speaking of thermoplastic elastomer TPE material, one is very popular in recent years, new materials, it is a high elastic with silicone rubber products ( Even better) , high strength, high resilience, high wear resistant thermoplastic elastomer material, also have a green nontoxic contact with human skin, it can also be applied to medical and supplies a kind of majority, a lot of material can replace the silicone products. In all aspects of performance, silica gel and TPU have their respective advantages benefits: hard softness: TPE is harder than silica gel point but TPE softness is closer to the human body, feel softer, TPE is a new kind of materials in recent years out) Aging resistance: TPE than silica gel came close to room temperature under normal use of these two kinds of material can meet more than 10 years wear-resisting performance: TPE better than silica gel mainly silica gel too soft, afraid scraping, TPE is high density mixture, relatively resistant to scrape a little. High and low temperature resistant, silicone material is better than TPE material, silicone material can be 220 degrees of heat-resistant, TPE material can be heat resistance to 60 100 degrees. Degree of resistance to oil, silicone oil resistant degree better, the same into the ozone and oil conditions, silica gel material better than TPE, so it can choose for the silicone seal, oil seal gasket and so on tensile resilience: TPE material more, its material with different hardness can stretch to more than 1000%, while the silicone in 300% About 500%. Cost: belong to synthetic rubber silicone material, mixture of a variety of materials, and complex production process, the silicone products manufacturer can choose a variety of ways to carry on the production and processing, and the cost of raw material of the different materials have different prices. So for more than its raw material price is high but the processing cost is higher. TPE belongs to thermoplastic material, but the gel content is higher and can be recycled. Processing performance is superior, no cure, can be recycled to reduce costs, either the secondary injection molding, and PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, such as matrix materials coated adhesive, also can separate molding. So integrated the above comparison, TPE and silicone rubber two materials are easy to our preferred material, and TPE materials are emerging, for different areas can be a bigger help, silicone material has always been to do a lot of products but also have to do field and products, the TPE or other material was just to fill the gap.
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