Silica gel aging joint symptom have?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone joint, silicone accessories and other products are mainly used in accessories connection pipe, the action such as glue, a common phenomenon for the joint pipe to reduce suspension changes, mainly for connecting the small winding can tear open outfit products, such as reduction of small pipe products because there is too much pressure and dithering phenomenon, will inevitably be connected after the shock and stress function winding vibration phenomenon, caused by the usage of instability will naturally affect the service life of silicone rubber products and increase product aging phenomenon. Silicone joint aging reasons: 1. Products used in the process of can produce change, for different environment by heat, light, the influence of the oxygen and the influence of frequent use. 2. Long-term use is not correct way of using and under the bad environment caused by performance degradation, loss of itself effect, make the product gradually aging. 3. Silicone joint used in raw material belongs to ordinary industrial silica gel, the basic conditions and requirements can achieve a certain effect, for use in the right way and note different caused by aging, so use will appear in different cases, soft, sticky, deformation and fracture phenomenon can basically determine the product such as losing performance! So silicone products manufacturer after concluded, apart from the product itself quality problem, in the guarantee of normal product use cases, different silica gel products under different environmental conditions, not the right way to use product, as a result of the degree of aging rate is different, because of using the environment different, seasonal climate, environment humidity, different aging could spark a comprehensive response.
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