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by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
See here may all have doubts? What is blood oxygen meter? The silicone oximetry cases? Don't worry, manholes, silicone manufacturers step trails for you. Oximetry, just as its name implies, is refers to the instrument of measuring blood oxygen, oxygen patients should be long-term use of blood oxygen instrument, detection of blood oxygen content, can effectively prevent danger happening, if an anoxic condition, oxygenating the first time, greatly reduce attack opportunity. Oximetry is suitable for people over the age of 60, chronic alcoholism, people with respiratory diseases, people work more than 12 hours a day, vascular diseases such as population, living life, everything is impermanent, prevention, it's better than nothing, a multiple prevention, is more than a heavy security. So the silicone oximetry cases? Silicone oximetry cases is a silicone material production and oximetry in pairs have the effect of a protection, protection. How can have oximetry no silicone oximetry cases? Imagine oximetry is a kind of easy to carry, save a space of instruments, when are you going to go out when it is very convenient to carry. In the process of carrying will inevitably collide, knock against, sweating, extrusion and many other problems, but if you put on a silica gel protective sleeve, all these problems will be readily solved. 1, oximetry silicone case with medical grade silicone materials, non-toxic tasteless, very environmental protection; 2, elastic, collision when there is a good buffer and can effectively protect oximetry; 3, dust-proof and sweat, oil acid and alkali proof, can be used in any harsh environment, and can be disinfected and water cleaning; 4, texture soft, have very good effect, feel not produce allergic to human body, can direct contact with the human body; 5, can protect the oximetry, fingernail scratched by hard objects. 6, color variety, can be custom made size, color, can do design, design and color is various surface process, silica gel protective sleeve has a different color for you. 7, easy to carry, save a space. Silicone oximetry case can well protect your oximetry, give it a set on a umbrella, protect your health together! Manufacturer's main all kinds of silicone products, silicone products are medical grade silicone, food-grade silicone, silicone pad, silicone oximetry cases, etc. , we have many years of production experience, quality assurance, welcome to call the hotline to order!
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