Sexpert reveals the best sex toys guaranteed to spice up your love life (and the ‘tongue-joy toy’ will make women VERY happy)

by:Keyuan     2020-07-23
Our sex and relationships columnist, Dr. Pam Temple, often brings you
Know the information about the bedroom and other places.
Following Dr. Pam @ drpam spurrthere on Twitter, there was a real buzz in my work this week to help Poundland roll out their Nooky Series 1 Spice
From their survey, the data is amazing.
The average cost of sex toys is over 23, which is too expensive!
68% of women admitted they were embarrassed to go to the sex store on the street.
One solution is to have some fun in high street shops without embarrassment.
But whether you have a huge bedroom budget, or are addicted to luxury vibrators, or just want to spend very little money, you should find sex --toy joy.
* Sex toys can build sexual confidence!
You are happy to master a toy and all the fun they bring.
It\'s a feeling: look at me and see what I can do and I\'m pretty when it comes to nookie.
* Sex toys are an incredible reward for women who struggle with orgasm.
70% of women struggle in one way or another.
In their own time, they can try different toys and find out more about their body\'s reaction to different stimuli.
* Of course, toys add spice to things when the desire in the bedroom is weakened.
Take out a nice little number and tell your partner to be ready for some exciting feeling.
They can also help you develop sexual skills.
When you start having sex
You realize there are many different ways to touch and tease your partner.
* Since men are no longer ashamed to try, men and women can also benefit from a variety of attractive toys.
Don\'t forget bedroom etiquette when you want to introduce toys
Bring joy to your partner: * never surprise him with a huge \"push door\" vibrator.
Some people may feel they don\'t match.
* Flirt in chat and ask if they want to try something like sex toys.
Make it fun and nonthreatening.
* If you find that you absolutely love the feeling that toys give you, don\'t leave your partner out of fun!
* Surprise each other with a small gift of sex toys is an adventure.
* If your partner is not interested, don\'t force them to try some of the bolder toys like the anal vibrator.
* There are many settings for some sex toys.
Start with the gentlest environment and start things slowly to take a step further for your best fun.
* Try one of the super sexy remotes-
Control the toys, where you give your partner the power to control and make you happy.
* Lie down and let them lick you while wearing their tongue --joy toy.
A vibrator that slides onto the tongue and makes oral sex exciting.
* Toy games are more sexy and have a lubricant and you can\'t beat Poundland 1 waterbased lube.
Let them lie down and drop lubricating oil on her breast or on his chest.
Slowly move the vibrator through lubricating oil.
Rotate it and slide it around and around the exciting play area.
* Add toy happiness to fantasy chat.
Describe a fantasy that you are a sex store owner.
Your partner accidentally entered the store.
You invite them to the back of the store to show them what they missed. If you;
Dr. Pam recently shared her six quick learning tips.
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