Sex doll the size of a CHILD being made in a Japanese factory reduces a TV presenter to tears – as the manufacturer admits customers decide the robots\' \'age\'

by:Keyuan     2020-07-23
A bbc host burst into tears while visiting a Japanese factory.
Sex toy robot
Including little dolls with \"children\"Like the quality.
After James Young traveled to Japan to learn more about the industry for the BBC\'s three documentary sex robots and us, he visited a factory in the industrial suburb of Tokyo, where, he was shocked by some tiny size. Reality doll
The apparently restless host burst into tears as he asked the manufacturer okokawa about a particularly small doll and he told him that the \"actual age setting\" was left to the \"imagination\" of the customer \".
\"There may be some kind of emotion for petite children --
Like the size, the factory owner concealed afterwards that it was \"terrible\" to see such a \"young\" doll \".
The BBC\'s three hosts said I was just leaving there.
There is no legal issue about the ownership of the child
Like Japanese sex toys, but Mr Dachuan acknowledged the way it might be perceived and said there was no such specific pattern outside of Japan.
James, a bioscientist, has had a prosthetic leg and leg since he suffered devastating damage in a train accident six years ago, and he has also been shown as headless \"Sexy Robot\"
The size of the breast the engineer is assembling.
In addition to visiting the Japanese factory, James spent some time in a brothel in Barcelona where they hired sex robots.
Each doll can be rented by hour and worn according to the customer\'s preference.
Real women and sex dolls work together, but there are no rules for using inanimate objects --
Other than asking customers not to put them on the floor.
The owner of the brothel explained to James that his customers benefited from sexual freedom. \"This is for the doll, it can\'t shout, he said, it doesn\'t say\" No, you can\'t do this to me \".
\"The real girls here are people, and if they don\'t want to do one thing with their clients, then they won\'t.
Because they have their own voice.
The moderator reviewed the mass production of sex toys and was prepared to be \"used and abused\" by customers, and admitted that his time to explore the industry had disappointed him.
When he was fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence on some robots, he added: \"I am pessimistic about what kind of chaotic future we may create for ourselves.
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