Seasonal adjustment! Mixed silicone rubber, sealants, 107, siloxane topped 15%

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
From late last year to upstream raw material is silicone rubber products has good stability, can meet the needs of downstream silicone manufacturer and supply ability, but since the 2019 opening of the first month, began a kind of organic silicone materials in the rising state, from monomer to 107, silicone rubber, silicone oil, silicone and so on. In recent international giant head 'dow' began a new round of price adjustment, the recent rise will be fully silicone rubber, polymers, siloxane, seals and other prices, rose up to more than 10%, downstream market caused a wave. Dow, according to this wave of price increases will take effect on April 1. Because the dow in the chemical industry, silicone new material has great influence, so the increase in the price of this wave greatly may at present although prices but still soft silicone market brings no small impact, spur domestic enterprise of raw materials to rise, leading to a new wave of price increases, but in the end still can cause a lot of small and medium-sized enterprise material distress problems. And analyses to raise prices, silica gel products factory suggest you when stockpiling raw materials can be appropriately extended, because last year decline in silicone rubber and other analysing material float move from low to raise, rather than from high to low, after the material inventory can meet the demand of most of the orders, so people still suggests that in any case or supply large orders can be appropriate preparation to prevent materials are on the increase.
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