Seamless not into, silicone material can do more than you thought!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
With the development of organic silicon in recent years, progress in the global countless scientists who study the silicone material, are now known to develop more than twenty thousand kinds of organic silicon products, and the nature of the inorganic silicon, silicon dioxide material through research processing turned them into organic matter achievement life omnipotent new chemical material, is in you inadvertently may it on your side, such as several common, we are silicone products, makeup, props, silicone paint, ink, silicone oil, and organic food, etc. , organic silicon technology at present can hold up more than general articles for daily use, so much that the silicone material is a kind of any product, but the fact is, it is no matter in any place and on the environment has a certain use, such as some construction, aerospace, heavy industry, health care, manufacturing, household items, electronic products and so on all have extensive role, in the life the effect of the silicone material and its wide, organic silicon can be used as a practical adornment, make some small accessories, accessories, and spare parts to the combination of more outstanding performance, this kind of silicone rubber products mainly comes from silica gel products factory and molding process, besides the other seal gate valve, interface and so on parts of organic silicon rubber products can be used, because the silica gel can maintain performance under high temperature of 300 degrees, its performance is good, the tensile strength is stronger, as machinery spare parts, sealing damping aspects can do perfect sealing. Make-up plastic actor of silicon rubber is a type of organic silicon material. Previously, actor makeup with latex material, but now everyone knows, silicone rubber to use than the former. It has zhuo the high and low temperature resistance, in - 60℃- At 200 ℃ can still maintain the original, and non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation to the human body. Silicone rubber used for plastic, the effect is very magical. Such as a facial women requirements of a flat piece of plastic, the doctor without a scalpel, just picked up a syringe and the organic silicon plastic injection into subcutaneous injection of fall flat place in, a few minutes, injection will be cured in the body, the defect part of patients also can return to normal. Fresh vegetables, fruits, grain, eggs and other food fresh-keeping has always been a matter of nerve-racking. Because this kind of food to have air for their breathing ( Breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide) , but time is a bit long and easy to lose moisture, and decay. If a gas film made from organic silicon, set on fruit, eggs, the pieces of air film is like a small window, can make the air inside the bag open, meet the needs of food to breathe, can prevent the moisture inside the bag be lost again. According to the measurement, it can adjust oxygen content of 3% 4% - 5%, carbon dioxide levels 6%. In such a plastic bag, the apple storage period may be extended for three times HaoGuoLv can triple with tomatoes, garlic sprout HaoGuoLv even reached 99%, can deposit 10 months! After rice storage, can also maintain a degree of fresh. Honour and soft when you go shopping to buy clothes, must have also noticed some fiber cloth, chemical fiber spinning and weaving wool coat, looks bright luster, texture and soft to the touch. Instead of some pure cotton fabric, the touch touch feeling is not good. Originally, the chemical fiber fabric if after the processing of organic silicon hydroxyl emulsion, can has the characteristics of the flash point is quite high, low freezing point. Organic silicon hydroxyl emulsion is in a kind of organic silicon, people often call it silicone oil, it has similar characteristics with silicone rubber. As long as through the processing of silicone oil, sewing machine line high speed again also won't break easily. Eliminate the bubbles in addition, the silicone oil in industry to eliminate the role of the bubble is very big also. Due to chemical reactions in many industrial products in the production process will produce a lot of bubble, the bubble will affect the product quality and production. If add a small amount of silicone oil, foam will immediately disappeared without a trace. Defoaming agent can also used to treat diseases. Such as pulmonary edema, which is most prone to complications in critically ill patients with heart disease. Patients with lung exudate increased, bubble will soar, more bubbles is aggravating anoxic, prompting alveolar necrosis, so exudate is further increased, so a vicious circle, will lead to death. Made of silicone defoamer, can eliminate the bubbles in patients with lung, suspend this vicious circle, make patient safety. Above, for example, is also our common one kind of technology, in the life of the silicone material everywhere, you also know silica gel, then from the side of the silica gel products begin to understand! Fujian silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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