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by:Keyuan     2020-06-27
Indian Navy \"soon\"to-be-
A new generation of Scorpene \"killer\" submarines currently being built by Mazagon Wharf Co. , Ltd (MDL)
In Mumbai, in more than one
Billions of dollars in French deals will feature specialty rubber parts in the state\'s latex County. The Kottayam-
Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII)
A special silicone rubber formula has been developed and will be used for the development of submarine components.
The synthetic rubber formula was developed by RRII according to the R & D project approved by the National Defense shipbuilding Research and Development Institute (Nirdesh)
China\'s largest national defense shipbuilding Institute is set to be established in Chaliyam, Concord.
Captain Ramesh Babu, project director at Nirdesh, said that localization of rubber components in six Scorpene submarines being built would help the country save the cost of Rs 4 crore.
This will be the institute\'s first success in the localization of national defense production capacity.
He said RRII scientists recently visited the Mazagon pier, where the Scorpene submarine project is conducting research to learn about the silicone rubber components used in the construction of the submarine.
They were able to determine the composition of the material and produced the formula in the RRII lab in just two months.
\"RRII has also started the sample production of this material, and its physical properties are very matched with the silicone rubber elements used in the submarine,\" the source said . \".
Captain Babu said that silicone rubber is used to make up to 800 components on the Scorpene submarine, mainly insulation and impact
Absorb materials.
Since the Scorpene contract allows local production of the project, the project is specially selected.
\"Rs 1 is estimated.
A silicone rubber component worth 5 crore is required in a submarine.
If we can successfully localize its production, we can save at least Rs 4.
\"We expect the prototype to be developed in June and we want to get commercial products by calling on Indian manufacturers to express their interest,\" he added . \".
He said Nirdesh will help the country\'s major R & D agencies gain a foothold on defense shipsConstruction industry.
\"In just three months, we received half of it. a-
\"More than a dozen research and development projects from institutions across the country,\" he said . \".
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