Rubber teach you like and quickly learn to make silicone mold

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone mold is a rapid mold making, rubber collect two common production methods, convenient for everybody to learn and reference the first simple method: 1, the mother is wiped clean, coated with a thin layer of liquid paraffin with brush, and then use cotton cloth gently wipe again, on the glass. 2, 100 g from die silica gel in the plastic cup, Ann, 100:1 - - The proportion of 2 silicone curing agent are mixed together, with stir bar quick stir to mix well. 3, evenly coated on the surface. Generally 24 ℃ cure time 30 minutes. Such as modulation silica gel to besmear again after curing in the mother. Modulation besmear brushs generally about 4 - over and over again - Eight times. After the skilled general 4 times. According to the temperature about 4, cured in 24 hours, and then direct it to die off, from the mother of mould is very flexible, like take off your socks off. The second detailed method: 1, the master pattern master pattern processing cavities with a knife to remove the machining burrs and supports, be careful not to damage the surface and the details. 2, make the frame and in the master pattern, make the frame and cavities in the paste frame with hot melt glue gun, prevent the silicone outflow from the gap. The master pattern in the center position of the frame, and fixed in the frame. 3, silicone and curing agent weighing silicone and curing agent according to the manufacturer to provide A and B component proportion accurately said. Be sure to keep in mind is proportional weighing than by volume rather than by weight. 4, mix and stir evenly mixing and stirring evenly pour weighing good silicone and curing agent in the same container. Must be fully stir well, otherwise you will part curing curing, affecting mode number. 5, vacuum exhaust bubble vacuum exhaust bubble will mix silicone and curing agent in vacuum machine, were evacuated. Vacuum not more than 10 minutes, long produces crosslinking curing reaction. 6, the silica gel into the frame of the silica gel in frame the row of the silica gel in the frame of bubbles. Pour into the cavities of the silica gel to completely cover, the top to add 20 ~ 50 mm. Use spray blown in the surface of silica gel, blow bubbles. 7, waiting for curing will fill good curing glue in place waiting for curing of the frame. The optimum temperature for curing is 20 ~ 30 ℃. If the temperature is below freezing area can put into the oven temperature curing. 8, open die cut open die cut after being cured, find the parting line cut mark. Shall ensure that the master pattern in the absence of trauma or stress under the condition of less demoulding, prevent the silicone mold deformation. Using cutting edge excess silica gel. 9, complete operating trimmed after operation to complete the whole production process. Suggestion is put to use again after 24 hours, to prevent deformation.
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