Rubber products used in cord fabric, canvas and what is the single cord, is there any requirement

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Cord fabric, canvas and single cord is commonly used in rubber products, etc. Its basic structure and specification of fiber fineness, strength and the structure of the warp and weft and warp density, etc. The commonly used types and specification of fabric: 1. Curtain fabric is different from ordinary cloth structure, is mainly composed of meridian. Meridian is load to bear, density maximum; And weft yarn is very rare, and very fine; Parallel to link together, meridian is the main purpose of make it not disorder. The structure of the cotton cord yarn fineness, each cord contains the yarn number of shares and share yarn containing the number of single yarn, said such as 37 n / 533 indicates the fineness of 37, 5 root such single yarn twist to a shares, by 3 strands twisted together again for a cord. The length of the cotton yarn fineness is the unit weight of yarns, metric count per gram ( g) Meters for the length of the yarn, expressed as a N. For example 37 n said yarn fineness is 37, which is 1 g of yarn quality, the length is 37 m. The specifications of the cotton fabric arranged in warp density and the joint strength. Such as 1098, 1046, and 8546 kinds of specifications of cotton cord, for the first two digits for the strength of the single cord, 10 kg/root and 8 respectively. 5 kg/root: after double digits for the curtain in the vertical direction of the meridian on the arrangement of warp density within each 10 cm distance 98 46 root root, respectively. 。 So that several of the specifications of the fabric can be respectively for 1098337 n / 533, 1046337 n / 533 n / 533 and 8546337. Chemical fiber fabric of the specifications of the said method and the cotton fabric is the difference between the fibre fineness said. Chemical fibre fineness is called denier, the unit is 'denier' or 'denier' ( 旦尼尔) With D or D said. It is the unit length of the fiber of quality grams said, is usually a length of 9000 m fiber or single yarn grams of quality. As the mass of 1608 grams, the size of 1608 d. Use the yarn twist into two flaps, for the specification of 1608 d / 1 x 2. 2, canvas, canvas structure is the same as ordinary cloth, the weft density is the same as the specification. 118. 4×122. 2 x 36 n / 5 x5 canvas said the density of the canvas of the geographic of 118 respectively. 4 root / 10 cm, and 122. 2/10 cm, thread of fineness to 36 of the cotton yarn twist into a 5 root, again by 5 strands twist into a line. Fabric is mainly used in tire products, the second for v-belts, braided hose and spiral rubber hose. Mainly used in conveyor belt, canvas belt, v-belts, fabric hose, rubber and other adhesive products. 3 metal rubber products used in metal materials are divided into two parts, part as structural parts of products, such as the connection part of the shock absorber, skeleton oil seal of the metal and rubber roller core, etc. ; The other part is used as the structure material products, such as steel cord, steel wire, etc. The bead of the tire, rubber hose compression layer adopts thick wire, steel wire cord fabric adopt fine wire. To ensure the bond strength of steel wire and rubber, steel wire and cord surface coated brass plating. Steel wire heat resistance and thermal conductivity are good, the initial elastic modulus, high dimensional stability is good; But the density is big, fatigue resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, and its viscosity with rubber are very poor. Chemical composition of steel cord for: carbon 0. 68% ~ 0. , manganese 0 73%. 45% ~ 0. 6%, silicon £0. 2%, sulfur £0. 02%, phosphor £0. 02%, chromium £0. 10%, nickel £0. 15%, copper £0. 2%. Of the brass coating on the surface of the is: copper/zinc ratio is about 70/30, coating adhesion amount for 2 ~ 3 g/kg. Curtain with the diameter of the wire in abroad most of 0. 175毫米~ 0。 38 mm, at home to 0. 14 mm and 0. 18 mm two kinds. The structure of the steel cord in accordance with the specific performance requirements of the product. Different products with different by different performance requirements of skeleton materials, should be paid attention to in practice to understand the actual application situation.
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