Rubber products industry accounts for large component in the car market

by:Keyuan     2020-09-22
Throughout the calendar year per capita consumption, data showed that China is a natural rubber consumption power, average annual consumption account for around 30% of global consumption; Most of the rubber used in the production of automobile tires. While China is auto importer. Therefore, the production situation of rubber industry is remarkable. Tire of China rubber industry association branch has announced to 46 main tire companies in the first half of the statistics. 1 - Profits have increased 23 June, rubber products industry. 5%. Rubber products production growth, however, 6. 7%, sales have declined. 6%, the export value of 2. 6 1%, the stock is growth. 8%, at a high inventory level. Rubber products the high inventory of the enterprise, or lead to further reduce the upstream raw materials rubber demand, which would push up the rubber stock. High inventory pressure, will cause the rubber prices all the way down. Gel fell about 20% in the first half of the day, butyl benzene and butadiene rubber was 32% and 40%. It is worth mentioning, rubber prices make auto industry 'mixed'. On the one hand, thanks to this day gum features a high prices fall to bring costs down. In the face of increasing production, collection and storage, as one of the means of regulating the balance between supply and demand, whether can play a role? Therefore, the effect of the purchase to adjust supply and demand is not optimistic. Global supply and demand will be made by natural rubber balance 'tight' to 'slightly loose', the next three years is a natural rubber production peak. In the current situation, for the natural rubber industry in China, raw material supply and demand contradiction, futures speculation risk, both sides should be more rationally make more price amplitude reduction school traders to establish a long-term and stable relationship between upstream and downstream, processing manufacturers should pay attention to reduce the production and processing price volatility. About silicone rubber products factory 'to the general consumer to provide reliable high-quality green products. 'Is the production of silicone rubber products factory has always been adhering to the idea. Company adopts advanced ERP management system, and in accordance with the relevant institutions, laboratories, professional testing company and well-known listed companies have good relations of cooperation, set up its own quality inspection system. Intermediate inspection is the key to find and solve the major quality problems. Therefore, maintain the normal operation of the machine, mold good working state, strengthen the operation of the operator and qc personnel skills and quality consciousness training is the key to reduce production bad, is also the enterprise benefit. Articles from the professional silicone products manufacturer - Xiamen silicone products co. , LTD. ( Products/chuangyiguijiaomenda. html) Reprint please indicate the source
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