Rubber bag - standard Rubber bag specifications

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Package specification parameters of rubber roller, roller bag glue quality standards. Roller rubber sheet surface to a clean, color is the same, seam tight and beautiful. Sewing pattern and the pattern is consistent, no traces of glue. It is closely combined with the edge of the wall, Yin and Yang is the edge of the square. Package glue roller is an important part of belt transportation system and component. Roller coating can effectively improve the operation of the transport system, prevent the metal roller wear and prevent the conveyor belt skid, synchronize the roller and belt running, to ensure the conveyor belt, high efficiency and large capacity. Package glue roller coating can effectively prevent roller and sliding friction between the belt and reduce material bonded on the surface of the roller, thus reducing the belt deviation and wear. The company has complete varieties, model complete rubber roller coated plate, have developed different thickness and different environment of roller coating products, can be used in the big port, gold, iron ore, cement, port, coal mines, coal preparation enterprises in the cases of belt conveyor roller rubber and can also be used for ordinary cardboard-box factory. Small mechanical processing plant roller coating. Correct selection of roller coating manufacturer, roller, roller coating specification parameters of coating quality standard. A new generation of ceramic roller coating, in particular, has greatly increased the overall stability of the product and beautiful effect, especially suitable for large size roller coating. According to the needs of customers, the company can also provide reinforcement products. Rubber bag manufacturer to introduce company has roller coating, buffer, slow punch self-manufactured products and other products, and have developed two big series more than 40 products, namely the cold vulcanized rubber drum and ceramic rubber sheet. And according to the needs of customers in the production of various special specifications, performance of rubber products. Company strong technical force, advanced production equipment, detection means complete, perfect after-sales service, the products sell well in Europe and America, southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Recommend related products silicone watch silica gel hand ring silica gel bib pocket silicone ice silicone accessories food grade silica gel
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